Re-elect  Zionist Organization of America
President ​Mort Klein

Candidate Vince Smith

THANK YOU!!!  ZOA President Mort Klein won re-electon in a landslide victory with 93% of the vote, at the  ZOA National Convention on Sunday March 9th, 2014,
​at The Hilton Philadelphia City line Hotel. 



       "Mort, under your leadership, when I think of ZOA, I think of an organization that refuses to compromise on the truth regardless of prevailing fashion . . . It is a bulwark of defense for Israel."

                      Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin                          Netanyahu

Respected, effective leadership  
keep ZOA proud and strong 

If there is any issue that you wish to discuss with ZOA President Mort Klein, please feel free to call him at ZOA at 212 481-1500

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Welcome to Re-elect ZOA President Mort Klein's Website

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Dear ZOA Members, Please Join Former Congressman Jon Fox to Help Re-Elect Mort Klein. Congressman Fox wrote:

"I want to do anything and everything to Re-elect Mort Klein. He is the only person with the knowledge, experience and passion to continue serving the organization with excellence, selflessness and expertise.  As a former member of Congress, I can tell you that no one is more respected in Washington D.C. when it comes to Israel and protecting the world from those terrorists  who would undermine Israel, the United States and the protection of human rights."                                                                                
- Jon D. Fox, Former Congressman, Pa. 13th District and National Board Member, Zionist Organization of America