THANK YOU!!!  ZOA President Mort Klein won re-electon in a landslide victory with 93% of the vote, at the  ZOA National Convention on Sunday March 9th, 2014,
‚Äčat The Hilton Philadelphia City line Hotel. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Klein's opponent  has been spreading ridiculous falsehoods about the ZOA and ZOA President Mort Klein.  It is shocking that the opponent has been maligning the very organization that he says he wants to lead and the leader who made ZOA into a strong and effective organization.  Let's set the record straight: 

1.   ZOA's Widespread Support:  ZOA is supported by people of every age - including college students, young professionals, generation X-ers, baby boomers as well as seniors.  ZOA has a large college presence, and has brought hundreds of students to Israel.  The opponent's accusation that ZOA is an irrelevant organization whose supporters are an average age of 78 years old is clearly ridiculous.   Since "a picture is worth a thousand words," here are some pictures from ZOA's recent November 2013 gala dinner, which was attended by eight hundred ZOA supporters of every age, including hundreds of students and young professionals:

UUnder ZOA President Mort Klein's leadership,
the Zionist Organization of America
has become strong, proud and effective.

2.  ZOA is in Strong Financial Shape:  Under ZOA President Mort Klein's leadership, ZOA is in strong financial shape.  Twenty years ago, when Mort Klein first became ZOA's president, Mort discovered that ZOA had only $3,000 in the bank and had millions of dollars of debt.  ZOA President Mort Klein raised tens of millions of dollars over the years, paid off all of ZOA's debt and has put ZOA on solid financial footing.  (Also, while numerous Jewish organizations lost millions to fraudster Bernie Madoff, ZOA President Mort Klein said "no" to Madoff and saved ZOA from this fate.)  Last year's contributions to ZOA, from a combination of ZOA President Mort Klein's personal contacts and personal appeal letters, exceeded $5 million.  ZOA has substantial operating reserves of millions of dollars.   The opponent's accusations that contributions are dwindling into irrelevance and that ZOA is on the verge of financial collapse and shutting its doors are simply ludicrous.  ZOA is expanding programs.  ZOA recently opened a Northern New Jersey regional office with a new regional executive director, and is interviewing for three new regional directorships.   Moreover, Mort Klein sent a memo to his opponent and all ZOA board members detailing many of the major gifts that ZOA received in the last 6 to 9 months - and yet the opponent has the audacity to make false claims about ZOA's financial viability. 

3.  Salary:  ZOA President Morton Klein worked full time for ZOA with NO salary from ZOA during the first five and a half years of his ZOA presidency.   After 6 years, convention delegates voted virtually unanimously to authorize Mr. Klein to receive a salary for his work.  The salary Mr. Klein receives is recommended by the ZOA compensation committee, and approved by ZOA's board of directors, without Mr. Klein's participation. ZOA's compensation committee consists of the following board members; ZOA's National Finance Director businessman Henry Schwartz; Chairman of the Board Dr. Michael Goldblatt, and Chairman of the ZOA National Council Alan Mazurek, M.D.  Thus, Mr. Klein does not pay himself.  The opponent has sat on ZOA's board of directors for the past 5 years and never raised an issue about or objected to Mr. Klein's compensation prior to his misleading campaign.  In addition, Mr. Klein's compensation was analyzed, recommended and approved by an independent third-party compensation consultant.  The opponent  falsely portrays as salary a set aside of funds in 2008 for a then future forfeitable contingent one-time lump sum pension payment which the ZOA board of directors insisted upon providing for decades of Mort's work if Mr. Klein continued to work at ZOA for another five years.  The Form 990 lists the set aside funds (which Mr. Klein was not yet entitled to) as a separate item; it is misleading to portray this as salary.  The current average of Mr. Klein's salary over 20 years to less than $210,000 per year.  An older average was $184,000 per year.  Either is modest considering Mr. Klein's multiple roles, and prodigious fundraising for ZOA, which pays for his salary many times over.  Mr. Klein's fully taxable one-time lump sum pension amounts to far less than a New York City sanitation worker's pension.  In addition, Mr. Klein does not accept speech honorariums for himself and instead asks that the honoriums be contributed to ZOA.  (Other heads of organizations often keep speech honorariums, which can amount to thousands of dollars per speech.)   Mort Klein has never asked for a raise or a pension or anything for himself for his tireless, dedicated, round-the-clock work for ZOA.   Moreover major donors specifically raised their donations by much more than Mort's salary to make sure that Mort received a salary, without cost to ZOA's programs (and ZOA's programs were also made possible by the tens of millions of dollars that Mort raised for ZOA).  Every penny paid to Mort for his tireless work has been well deserved. 


4.  Respectful, Kind, Non-Discriminatory Treatment of ZOA Employees:  ZOA employees are treated with respect, and without discrimination.  Many of ZOA's employees have worked for ZOA for decades. A published joint letter from persons closely involved with ZOA affirmed: "We can attest to the fact that the working environment at ZOA is supportive, warm, friendly and stimulating.  Morton Klein is a demanding and exacting boss but is kind and courteous and treats everyone with respect and dignity, and he always shows unqualified appreciation for their work."  ZOA employees include blacks, whites, Asians, Hispanics, Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Republicans and Democrats, etc., etc.  Women hold some of the top posts at ZOA, including Director of the ZOA Center for Law and Justice, as well as regional and campus directorships.  ZOA President Mort Klein grew up in a black neighborhood in Philadelphia, and virtually all his childhood friends were black.  Mort Klein also went to Mississippi and participated in black civil and voting rights marches and sit-ins.  ZOA President Mort Klein often speaks at black churches.  The opponent's bigotry smear against Mort Klein is false and outrageous.  Moreover the sole pending lawsuit against ZOA was apparently instigated by election opponent Steve Goldberg.  (See opponent's admissions page.)       

5.  Lawful, Fair, Fraud-Free Election Process:  New York State law and ZOA's Constitution require delegates to be present at the convention to vote.  Distance voting by electronic means or email would be invalid under the applicable New York State law and ZOA's Constitution, and is thus impossible.  In addition, electronic voting is highly subject to fraud.  Dead people don't show up at conventions - but they do somehow miraculously manage to vote by email.  Delegates cannot vote twice at a convention, but they can manage to do so electronically.  Software used for electronic voting can be manipulated.  At the convention, both sides will have poll watchers assuring that everything proceeds fairly.  Similar protections against fraud are not available electronically.  In addition, the 2014 convention location was established long before Mort's opponent suddenly filed to run for president, at the very last minute, just a few weeks before the convention.  The opponent's accusation that the location was chosen to disadvantage him is absurd in light of the fact that the location was set months before the opponent announced that he was running.    

6.  Educating For Years:  ZOA President Mort Klein and the various ZOA centers established under Mort Klein's leadership have been educating Congress and the public for years about the dangers of a terrorist Palestinian state and the Iranian nuclear weapons threat and the need for both sanctions and military action.  ZOA published a major booklet called "The Dangers of a Palestinian State."   ZOA also has a highly-informative award-winning website.   See  

In addition to making false statements about the above and similar issues, the Opponent (Steve Goldberg) admitted in a public video last year (Feb. 2013) that he is mistake-prone, cannot handle money and is not a leader.  Goldberg admitted:  "I've made every mistake a 59-year-old could make.  I've made career mistakes.  I've pissed away most of my money . . . The Jewish people are under threat . . . This is a very difficult fight . . . Now, I'd love to lead this and be one of the leaders, but I'm not.  For one thing, I'm too old."   {see more on the ''opponent's admissions page]

If there is any issue that you wish to discuss with ZOA President Mort Klein, please feel free to call him at ZOA at 212 481-1500

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